HomeLab Deployment of an HA Kubernetes cluster (Part X – Failed Rancher deployment)

I started this deployment without checking the K3s version that Rancher needs. So before I scratched everything and restarted I tried something and documented it. It did not work for me but it could be usueful

All the nodes are running version 1.25.5 of Kubernetes and Rancher’s helm chart is working only up to version of 1.25.0. Oh hell… Here goes nothing. Pull the whole installation and edit the Chart yaml to allow a later version

helm pull rancher-stable/rancher --untar
nano rancher/Chart.yaml

Save and Exit

Then run the command to install it from the local folder

helm install rancher ./ \
>   --namespace cattle-system \
>   --set hostname=The_FQDN_You_Chose \
>   --set bootstrapPassword=admin

Wait a few minutes and

Well it is not done yet. You can monitor the installation with these commands

kubectl -n cattle-system rollout status deploy/rancher
kubectl -n cattle-system get deploy rancher

Now it is ready

On your browser type in the fqdn and login with the admin password

I thought it worked but… the dashboard did not load so scratch and restart….

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