Webmin MFA with Google Authenticator

Webmin is nice to have but it can be dangerous if someone gains access to your server.
MFA, or Multi Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security accessing your precious server.

Before you start make sure you have installed the Google Authenticator app on your phone

Login to Webmin, Select Webmin Configuration and Click on Two-factor Authentication
Select Google Authenticator as the Authentication provider and click Save. The system will install the necessary package to enable this feature. Wait for it to finish.
Then, select Webmin Users, the User that you want to add MFA to and click on Enable Two-Factor For User.
Leave the defaults and Select Enroll for Two-Factor Authentication.
Take your phone, open the Google Authenticator App and Scan the QR code.

And you are done! Now, every time you login to Webmin with that user you will be request to provide a Token AKA OTP (One time Password) which you get from the Google Authenticator App on your phone.


  1. Brian

    my name is Brian and I am a tech developer at Boston University.
    For some time I have been having a problem configuring an OpenVPN Community Edition with Webmin interface server.
    In particular, I would like:
    – enable MFA authentication for each client. (I already got the .ovpn configuration file)
    – manage a route so that I can reach resources that are in a subnet

    How could I fix these points?

    Thank you very much for your help and advices



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