MS Teams User can’t dial out


Helpdesk calls me about a user receiving this message when trying to make a call. First you would think to check the licenses (E5 plus calling plan check) so let’s dig in

Import-Module microsoftteams
Get-Csonlineuser -identity UPN_OF_THE_USER
FeatureTypes                           : {Teams, CallingPlan, PhoneSystem, AudioConferencing}

all seems good…

As I have seen this before the solution is

  1. Remove the licenses and the calling plan from the user
  2. Remove the phone assignment from the user
  3. Add the licenses and the calling plan again
  4. Add the number
  5. Add the dialplan

First step depends on how you are assigning the licenses

Second step

remove-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -identity UPN_OF_THE_USER -PhoneNumber USER_PHONE_NUMEBER -PhoneNumberType callingplan

Nice… I guess someone changed the user’s phone number and MS Teams does not really like changes so

remove-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -identity UPN_OF_THE_USER -Removeall

Now add the licenses and the calling plan again

Set the phone number

set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -identity UPN_OF_THE_USER -PhoneNumber USER_PHONE_NUMEBER -PhoneNumberType callingplan

Add the dialplan if needed

Grant-CsTenantDialPlan -identity UPN_OF_THE_USER -policyname POLICY_NAME

It will take a few minutes so ask the user to restart 🙂 and the problem is solved

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